Animation Workshops

I’ve been working on the idea of setting up some form of animation workshops either within College or even possibly outside the College in an available space.
The issue with doing such a thing is to have the correct checks and regulations, as I can’t simply just teach anyone about specific things within animation. Luckily Annabeth has also been thinking about this and hopefully we’ll be able to sort something out soon that may even be able to run alongside the Saturday art clubs.

The useful thing about doing animation workshops, is that not only are you helping and teaching others who may have an interest in animation, but it also means that it clarifies the knowledge that you have and helps build up your own confidence.
The only issue I can find at the moment around doing the classes are that I wouldn’t be sure what level and style of animation I would try to teach as well as who I would be aiming the classes at.

Hopefully these will be able to sort themselves out soon I’ll be able to arrange something as well as plan what I’m going to do. Keep your eyes out for these! I’m pretty determined for it to happen!


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