Adventure Time!

Thanks to Jade I found out about this amazing little competition on in which you can design 5 different illustrations, Adventure Time themed, with prizes to be one. Of course the prizes are great… but what really excited me about the competition is that Pendleton Ward (for all those who don’t know, he is the creator of the amazing Adventure Time animation), his cat and his mother are going to be judging the competition!

So I straight away began to do some quick sketches of ideas with some help from Sacha with ideas!

Once I’d gotten some down I thought it’d be best to get straight on with them within Photoshop and one in Illustrator.
Here’s the outcome of the designs with the thumbnail style image and then the design on a tee shirts!
Sadly one of my designs was not allowed at first (the Sims style one) as it was too close to the copyright imagery that EA owns on the game and the diamond that appears over the Sims heads. This sadly meant that I’d submitted one that was rejected but still counted so I only got to send four, sad times. But here’s the five designs I had ready in time for the competition although I’m still getting ideas now of course! Those may just have to be saved for later!

Underneath each design I’ve left a link to the actual design within the competition! Please help me out and pop a vote on their if you can! If you have than thanks!

Open Arms

Play Time

Lady and the Jake

Baby boys!

The Key-per


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