A tease of summer work

This summer sadly hasn’t been as busy I’d prefered, this is most likely from me being so crazy about work over the last year that I needed a little break. Now I know I’ve had too much of a break! It’s back into work and I need to create things even better than the last few years!

As well as just practicing my sketching skills and becoming more competent in certain software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, I’ve been able to create a few pieces of work for other people.

This project was done earlier in the summer however my friend Ricardo had gotten back to me about how it needed editing if I was free which I was happy to edit again for him. I created this in Photoshop at first and then took it into Illustrator to create a vector image that could be easily manipulated for different things.
The edits from last time were the spelling and colour changes otherwise they liked the design.

As an update on a drawing I did earlier in the summer I was asked to design my friend another tattoo to accompany one I had drawn her a few years ago. I was able to get the drawing done earlier this summer but just to update about the image I added the other tattoo and the rough placing and scale for her as well to get a good idea of how it would look in the end.

I thought I’d practice my illustrator skills a little bit over the summer so I thought I’d try my hand at drawing the Call of Duty Zombie perks. We did have a phase of playing a lot of COD zombies so I was planning to re-draw the labels for the perks for future use but this is where I’ve got with them so far as I’m struggling with the thought of doing the fonts!
One thing I’ve realised using Photoshop and Illustrator more over the summer is how much there still is to learn with these key pieces of software, something I’ll hopefully master very soon.

Lauren has been doing a lot of her own personal projects this summer and it’s great to be asked by her to help her create some work for it. These are some variations of one of her characters that she has created, I drew out the character with various expressions and just a head turn around. As she had not specified what sort of eyes the character had, I had left them blank for the time being so that we could add them easily on a later date once she had a better idea.

This drawing has been a long time coming! Shireen, a friend I had met whilst volunteering at one of Love Arts Leeds events, had asked me to draw her a picture back when we had met. In all honesty nerves and just wanting to be a ‘perfectionist’ had made me leave it for a while as I kept trying to get an idea of something to draw that I would be proud of. I finally got around to drawing her an image though and I played with a few things I’ve been testing but keeping to the style that I’ve become pretty close too.

If you ever need an actress Shireen is a person to go too, be sure to get in contact with her as she’s a brilliant actress with great ideas and taste! She also does a lot of volunteering and work with the homeless around the Leeds area mainly so please feel free to support!
Check out her Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shireen-Farkhoy/160409970656581

With animation over the summer I’ve only done some practice animations trying to understand the movement and flow much better rather than creating anything that has amazing drawings. I’ve done a lot more research and trying to understand other people’s animations over the summer, trying to break down the animations has been a lot more rewarding as I can see how they choose to animate various objects, people or surroundings. As an animator it seems that I need to be more assertive to these sorts of things as well as understanding my environment and how things move. I’ve begun to try to break everything I see apart into 24 fps as well as into simple shapes and key movements. I’ll need to begin to collate the information in more of a written form and start sketching movement more, as a personal development.

Here’s something I’ve been helping Jake with, he’s working with some people to create a small game, where he’s gotten into a little trouble animating some of the attributes and characters within the game. Although it’s something new for me, I wish to develop my skills as an animator to another level and the only way is to experiment, watch and learn. So here’s a fox run cycle I’ve worked on for him as a rough guide for the game. I created the cycle at 8 fps and run at 12 fps so that it wouldn’t be frame heavy for a low pixel game. I did take a lot from Richard Williams once again and watched a few documentary with wolves to get an idea of the movement. I didn’t expect them to be so stretchy!

There’s still a wolf attack animation I need to get my head around but that’ll be a bit later!
Be sure to let me know what you think!


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