Summer Summer

I’ve been trying to keep myself busy this summer with different things apart from my usual ‘gaming spree’. So here are a bunch of image I’ve been working on or pretty much finished so far over the summer…
I’ve now had my summer break and it’s time to get back into work! So I’ve got the 11 second club sound clips ready, people’s orders are at the front of the list and illustrations I’ve been planning to do are on their way!

A bit of a mixture or Audrey Kawasaki and Mucha as a personal design layout for a possible half sleeve tattoo. It took me a few hours to actually do this as it was hard to get the styles to merge as well as trying to recreate these two amazing artist’s images is very hard! But all good practice and fun.

Something my parents actually needed doing at first for the Kodak Shop but they never got around to using it! I spent a good half a day on this image in Adobe Illustrator and the practice and understanding I got of vectors from Playdemic really helped me out. I was able to take apart a few of their illustrations and animations which were all vectored, and it’s surprising how much just looking at those things help someone like myself with the drawing and designing process.

A very quick logo design task I was set by a friend in Portugal for a project of his own. I’m not fully trained in the way of Graphic Design but I don’t see myself as being too bad at it so I offered my services!
I did some rough designs within Photoshop to what he had asked and then we discussed them and agreed on a style and colour. The final one I created within Illustrator which was great practice and means he would be able to play around with the scale of the image easier because of it being in vectors.

This took longer than I thought it would! A Photoshop drawing dedicated to Adventure Time! One of my favourite animations around at the moment with my own added Princess Panda!

I’ve been asked again by a friend to design a tattoo for her with some specifications. With it extending on her side from her previous tattoo which I had designed awhile ago now, here’s the rough sketches where I looked at composition, angle and general movement. I then photocopied a general sketch to produce some variations to play with, which I then took into Photoshop and painted within there.

Let me know what you think of these and if you’ve even got something in mind you need doing/help with!


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