Ball Test

After working on the walk and movement of the character, I went back to the basic animation tests and tried to get my head around the ball and tail test.
I started with just the ball at first to make sure I got the main movement of the ball correct first with the use of the 12 principles and focusing on Timing, Anticipation and Arc.

This is the first test footage I took fo the ball movement which I worked up quite quickly after all the research and tests I’ve now undergone with the hand drawn animation. After watching this test I added a few more frames and tried to sort out the timing as it seemed too fast. Two things I’d do again if I was to create this animation again, is to first place the ball more central to the sheet as at first, I was going to create some more animation for the ball to move around but then decided to focus on the action I already have. Secondly I would have planned out the animation using a dope sheet, this would have allowed me to really pay more attention to the timing of the bounces and actions of the ball. The reason I hadn’t done this at first was because I was looking at creating the animation in a straight ahead style rather than working from pose to pose to see what the outcome would be. I did still feel as though I had to plan it out with key frames and extremes I needed the ball to reach, so although I aimed to just create a straight ahead animation, it always works better to work pose to pose as well.


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