Walk references

The other day Michael Chapman had taken out the lights and XD camera to do some light tests for his negotiated studies brief in which he’s looking at the technical and filming side of Digital Film. He was testing out different light set ups and a little bit of lighting in general, so I had offered to help him set it up and in return I got to get some walking footage and reference footage for my animation work.
I also had some help from Sacha in Visual Communications to do a little bit of exaggerated walking for me!

Here is the footage that we had captured but with them some of them broken down into the key points within the walk cycle.

I had taken each clip into After Effects and exported them as image sequences so I could go through them frame by frame. I then had chosen the extreme points within each walk that I felt was different or appropriate to use as reference.
With the selected images I then placed them into Photoshop to layer them up and using the ‘multiply’ blending option on the layers stacked them. As well as having the layered version I cropped the images slightly to fit them in the correct order and laid them out underneath to show the extreme points. For those of you who aren’t sure what I mean by extreme points, these are the definitive points within a movement that are the ‘extremes’ of where they are going to go. For a walk cycle this means the Contact > Down > Passing > Up > Contact, but of course this can vary depending on the style of the walk or exaggeration, although from what I have looked at you will always have a Contact and Passing motion.


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