Disney Application Form from 2000?

I found this a little while ago that was given to my parents for me back when we had visited Disney World Florida back in 2000. When we were visiting MGM Studios there was a Disney cel artist, David Rippberger, there who had an interest in my drawings apparently. This wasn’t because I was carrying around drawings but because they had a drawing session with the kids over there where there were animation tables laid out and allowed kids to draw their hearts out!
I had a ‘Learn To Draw – Chip ‘N Dale – Rescue Rangers‘ book signed by the amazing artist at the time as well.

After the drawing session he had taken some time to speak to me about animation and working within Disney, which also led onto him giving some very interesting and exciting information to me.

These files had been kept away from me for a while now simply because I was at an age where I most likely wouldn’t have taken as well care of it as I would now. But within the folder I found a sheet going over how to ‘care and handling of animation art’ more specifically cel artwork care.

As well as this David had actually given me a Walt Disney Feature Animation Application Form.
The application form has lots of information about how to apply to work at the Walt Disney Studios and covers various areas and what is needed to get a job within that area. It’s interesting to see what sort of requirements and level they expect for a Disney animator, but what’s even more exciting is that it doesn’t just have the information for various areas within Disney Animation Studios, but also the actual forms to apply and address, dates and other information to hand in portfolios and work.
Of course a lot, of the actual application information will have changed as it has been roughly 12 years since I was given this!

I am a little upset I never had the chance to look through this before though, as it has so much great information within it. After all the job area information and application forms, it has a section for ‘recommended course of study for students interested in careers in animation’, ‘computer animation facts’, information on ‘entry-level training programs’, ‘advice for students considering a career in animation’, a ‘booklist of suggested reading’ and then a list of Disney’s Features, only up to 1998’s Mulan of course.

It’s an incredibly exciting piece of document and it’s encouraging and makes me quite proud that I’ve always shown this passion towards animation and illustration, and that I’ve always been meant for this. I’m sure I wasn’t the only child to get this but still… I’m sure it wasn’t for every 9 year old.


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