I had a great chat with Dave Eccles from Numiko yesterday where he gave some great advice and just had a general chat about the industry within the UK at the moment.
Using the internet as their main medium, Numiko is a Leeds based multimedia company that create all sorts of work from small games, to websites.

It was really interesting to hear about Numiko’s side of the creative industry and what sort of work they create. I never really hear much about the creative industry within many parts of the UK apart from Edinburgh, Glasgow and London. Recently though I’ve been finding out more about several incredibly interesting companies that are based in Manchester and closer areas but I never expected there to be one set up within Leeds for some reason.
Dave’s passion really showed in the chat with knowledge over several disciplines and areas within the creative industry and it was great to talk to someone with that knowledge and drive. I think of myself having a lot of passion for working within the industry and getting to chat with someone who will listen and answer your questions and give you advice is amazing for someone like me. I’ve been pretty lucky with the people I’ve asked so far that have been incredibly helpful, but it’s also nice to know someone so close to home is taking time out to help us students.

I just need to get cracking now!

If you’d like to find out anymore information on Numiko click on the link below.


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