NomNom’s nearly there

I’ve added some more inbetweens and changed the frame cycles to NomNom’s walk which I think has sorted out the timing of his walk a little better.

The 12 frame walk cycle seems more appropriate to his character rather than 8, as it was too fast for him. If I was to do the walk cycle again I would have aimed for 12 frames from the beginning as well as changed the style of his walk. This of course could be one version of his many walks but as a more ‘standard’ walk I may have changed it to something more similar to the references I’ve found and learnt more recently. It’s still very wobbly but that is just me still getting use to creating animations through a light box and on paper. Consistency is an issue I need to address as I was really just trying to get the walk cycle right.

Now I have this laid out I will first go over the lines with pencil to outline the drawings and then move onto trying some cell work. I’ll simply use acetate as a cell and then move onto the next animation test.
For the next animation test I will be gong backwards a little bit and use the old animation practicing techniques e.g. flour sack, ball and tail.

Let me know what you think! Thanks


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