Walk Walk Walk

I’ve been finding this a little difficult and I may have gone in too quick with the walk cycle. I feel as though I may have taken on a lot before I had really tested out what I had learnt from all the research.

With the module so far it seems more as though I’ve done a lot of research and getting an understanding of the principles and foundation of animation but it’s another level implementing that in a hand drawn method. It’s going to take a while to get to where I want to be with animation but of course I know I can never stop learning.

Here’s where the walks are without the new inbetweens I had placed in them. The video from one of the previous posts are also in here because I was comparing the way the walk looked in 24 frames per second to 15 frames per second.

Walk 24fps

Walk 15fps

The two to compare are above but I also quickly put the 24 and 15 frame per second together within After Effects just to see them move in comparison with each other.

Walk overlap

This is the main reason why I went back towards making the walk cycle 12 frames rather than 8 frames per cycle. It just seemed too fast for the walk and with this sort of walk, I was aiming for something quite wild and almost stomping because I really wanted to show a sense of power the child was trying to show.

After the walk cycle I’ll be going backwards a bit though and trying to get more movement tests with the more ‘classic’ ways of practicing animation such as the ball and tail, the bouncing ball and the flour sack.


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