Painting on acetate

I’ve recently began to think about trying to make some of the drawings into ‘cells’ so I’ve been photocopying drawings and testing out whether I can get away with acetate as a cell for the animations.

At the moment I’ve just been trying to look up the best way to paint in the cells without having to get the industry level ink and how they had also done it.
Here’s some information I’ve found on an animation forum,

The best paints were acrylic or vinol based. Cartoon colour and Chromacolour both sell these or used to.

The trick is not to have it thin. You want it liquid enough to pour but not so liquid that it dries thin. Sort of the consistency of condensed milk is best. The toughest colours to use are reds and yellows. These would always dry transparent. The others would be fine as long as they weren’t too thin. The other trick is not to use the brush end of your brush very often. You want to push or pull the paint over the cel using surface tension. The reason being you will end up with a lot of brush strokes in the paint and not a consistent colour.

Hopefully this will work but I’ll be sure to let you all know soon when I try it out with just a few of the frames I’ve drawn so far.


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