X sheet/Dope sheets

Before working on NomNom’s walk cycle I had actually begun to try create a simple walk cycle to see how much I have understood so far with the animation process and creating something more complex. I thought this would also be a great time to begin to try to write down the information for the animation in a dope sheet.

Here is an example of a version of a dope sheet or as some other animators may like to call it, an exposure sheet (x sheet).

Below I used the template above as my first test and simply printed off a version to write on.
I laid out the simple walk cycle using what I’ve taken from the research that I had done to start to plan it out. The way a dope sheet works is the same as a script or storyboard, except it has much more detail on within the columns for everyone to work from. The idea is to break up the action into each frame, which is why it is easier to break down an animation with its extremes and key frames.

Here’s the start of the animation test which I had stopped after getting this far as it was pretty clear that I was starting to understand. I also stopped because with this specific module there isn’t much time, at all, so it would be much more challenging and interesting for me to get my own character walk cycle out there that uses the basics but doesn’t copy from the more ‘normal’ walk cycles.

The reason for the peg bar being on the right of the paper is because I was using the same test sheets that I had used for the first test because they were tests and the number of animation paper I have. However I’ll be going to use one sheet for one animation test now as it will improve my drawing skills and give me more room to draw.

The real trouble I’ve had with the dope sheets is not the actual use of the dope sheet and where to put in the information. The actual issue I’ve had with it, is to work out exactly what drawing and what movement on each drawing to put into which scene.


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