Chuck Jones

I’ve been researching and trying to break down and understand the animation methods of several animators and mainly looking at the great and traditional Disney Animators. It was great to look at the guys that had thought our the principles of animation, generated an understanding of the world and movement that could be depicted in a breathtaking animation.
But they weren’t all at Disney of course as there’s too many great animators to name, however one specific animator and creator of family favourite characters was Chuck Jones and his team at Warner Brothers.

He was a master of expressions, timing and the art of pull and stretch. If you take the time to pull apart a Chuck Jones animation, then you begin to understand the subtle movements with the eyes and expressions that he creates with his characters. Everything is done with a keen eye on timing, even if the movement is sudden or if is drawn out. It is done so that the audience has a clear sight of what is happening, what is going to happen and how the character feels at that moment in time.

Here’s the first part of a short documentary about the great Chuck Jones named ‘Chuck Jones – Extremes & Inbetweens, A life in animation’.

The more you watch the animations, the more you realise how amazing the actions, timing and sound all work together to create a truly animated feature. When I say about it being animated, of course I don’t just mean that they’re drawn animations. They have an incredible amount of life and relationship with each other and the times they have, with a mix of humour and magic.

These are a must watch for anyone really interested in animation. It’s always amazing to see how these guys worked and try to understand what they knew, It’d be incredible to learn from them in person but of course it’d be harder to do with some than others, after all Chuck Jones himself worked with Friz Freleng, Tex Avery and many more.

It’s crazy how much you learn from others” – Chuck Jones


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