‘When I grow up’

Just found this lovely little animation on my vimeo feed.

“A girl doesn’t know what she wants to be.
super super big thanks to my sound designer Casey Mattingly, sound mixer Ben Huff, and everyone else who helped make this film possible!”


I love the style and it’s simple clean characters with vibrant colours, it works great with the way in which the animation is depicting its storyline or purpose. The simple animations are clear but mainly work well due to the way if fits in with the style of the animation. It’s a lot of fun and has so much character even though it’s so short and pretty simple, it has a great use of sound and colour to really bring it to life. The design and animations seem to have been well thought out to bring the animation forward and get the point of the narrative across.

This is something to look at just to understand that the animation doesn’t just have to be believable and understandable, but also fit with the style of the piece and fit the sounds. It’s a lot of fun and really captures the concerns and pressures that are placed on children with what they need to be when they grow up, rather than letting them progress and decide later on. Although I must admit I wish I looked more into animation earlier, even though I seem to have always wanted to be one, I never got the opportunity or understanding I do now.


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