Blogs of Pixar Artists and Animators…

For any fan of Pixar, this is a link worth having.
I’m pretty proud to say that I have contacted some of these guys and gals before and they have been nothing but nice with some great advice that I have kept very close and try to follow as with all the tips and talks with industry creatives.

But here is a gathering of just a very small handful of artists and animators within the giant world that is Disney Pixar.

It’s great to see the rough work as well as some more refined pieces, allowing people like myself take it apart, understand it and see the basis of the drawings. What is really great about the work though is that even though they work within a 3D basis, they all have an understanding of the 2D principles that the great hand drawn animators had before them. They all this great flow and colour to their work even though they have such different styles and backgrounds, you really see their personality shine through the work.

Capturing their lines within their work and the characters that are filled with personality, is somewhere I want to reach soon and I know will only come from practicing, testing and practicing.

I came across this link thanks to the Pixarpodcast’s twitter feed which you can follow using this link below.
“The Pixar Podcast brings you weekly episodes for animation fans and students, with a distinct Pixar leaning. Created and produced by @derrific.”
It’s great to listen to even whilst doing some work or sketches, great advice, tips and little bit of an insight into a different part of the animation/creative industry.


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