Researching, Understanding, Developing Hand Drawn Animation

The talks I’ve had with certain animators, advice, tips and all the books I’ve been reading up on have really helped me begin to gain an understanding of the importance of hand drawn animation and what comes with it.
It never sunk in how much work, time, concentration and understanding one needed to create a truly believable animation and to go with sound! Although I knew of course how much hard work it was. But with this module I’ve obviously chose to move away from the computer and see how good my understanding of animation is.

So here’s my notes from the talks, books and hours of film and video footage I’ve been reading up on, as well as beginning to implement what I’ve learnt into small thumbnail sketches. I have pinned the animations down to one character to focus more on the understanding of the process and actual creation of animation rather than having to create a character for each animation test. The character came from a different character I already draw a lot but refined him and made him a child for fun and to add more features to play with.

This is most definitely going to be my most favourite sketchbook yet…
Is it weird I’m excited? I hope not.

From Researching to Understanding to Developing to Implementing.

To me, at the moment, it seems that animation is the art to understand the world and create a living, breathing, moving piece of art. In short.
Maybe I’m exaggerating the truth, but the great animators are hand drawn animators that understand drawing, movement, emotions, acting, weight, light, the list just goes on. I need to open up my mind and take things apart and take references to understand any of these things better.

One thing I have taken to heart so far though is that, blue pencils make any sketch look amazing!
In all seriousness thought, if I didn’t have enough respect for those brilliant hand drawn animators out there before and now, I definitely do now.

Take the long short cut” – Richard Williams


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