First Quick Test Run

Finally got a test out but not the full length as of yet.
From this I’ve noticed quite a few errors and there are some inbetweens I could still place in but that’s the great thing about doing a test…. it’s all trial and error and I’ve found a few errors already.
I’m beginning to figure out my own working method and trying to implement the pose to pose and straight ahead style of animation. It’s also incredibly helpful to turn everything off and focus on nothing but the drawings and move to it, get really into understanding the movement, just like Richard Williams says.
I created the first second of the test so I ran down to the AV room where we have a rig set up for stop motion and hand draw images to be captured from a bird’s eye view. I’d never used the Dragon Stop Motion software but it seems pretty simple with help from Matt to set it all up.
So I got the first set of images down and put them together. The reason I’m drawing the images at the bottom in a portrait layout is because I’m aiming to fit at least two test animation on the sheets I have as I only have 1000 sheets of punched animation paper at the moment.

Here are the original sketches which I have now made changes too but these are the ones in the short test and in this order,

So what have I worked out I have gotten wrong so far?
The basics… I don’t have the arc worked out. The spacing isn’t there yet, I need to add inbetweens to ease in and ease out the head. It’s wobbly which is an issue with the movement.


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