Bradford International Film Festival 2012

I was very silly as not to check up on what was actually occurring at Bradford International Film Festival this year and it seems I have learnt my lesson.
The National Media Museum, Bradford, is ever-growing in events and popularity, I’m not sure I ever realised how much of a busy and exciting place it is and right next door, my bad. But with events happening almost monthly I must keep on top of it and make sure I see everything that is going on.
I follow The National Media Museum on Twitter and recently read up one of its ‘Tweets’ about the new Games Lounge having opened or in one way re-opened. But this is not the point that I am wishing to blog about today although I will be going to check that out as well as the Animation room next door.
The thing I missed out on was of course the International Film Festival which took place not so long ago in which some people had attended that I do somewhat know. It looks like it was a great event but I had made other plans and wasn’t expecting there to be as much animation involved as there was.

I know that film is incredibly important to animation and all the basic understandings and principles need to be there however, what I didn’t expect was an amazing night of Chuck Jones’s Warner Brothers animations screening. It would have been amazing to see them all on the big screen with the cinema surround sound too…
I’m ashamed to have missed it but here’s a great article written by one of the staff at The National Media Museum about the night and his lovely fake family!

It’s interesting and great to see the reaction of kids today looking at the wild antics of the original Warner Brothers with their incredibly mad and exaggerated animation style and crazy storylines. I’ve always been a fan of their style of animation and interpretation of movement and it’s nice to know that their style is still so vivid and captivating. This is something I must think about with the way I wasnt to animate and the aspects I can take away and make my own from the ideals and styles they created.

Just in case, here’s The National Media Museums Twitter!


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