Understanding the development of a game

Mike at Playdemic, one of the Lead game designers, was kind enough to make this quick draft of their internal design process. It’s nothing incredibly detailed but he did go through it with me, showing examples and the stages of the work which looked amazing and interesting.

He did mention two other sites to look at, although there are a few, to look more into the development process of a game.
Here are the two sites to start off with though,

I did also get some information on the testing side and other art work but with those I thought it best to leave it off my blog as it is their work and property. I don’t want to showcase anything just because it’s not mine.

However… I hope people like the Llama I got to draw there!
Not the greatest thing I’ve created on Illustrator but I was trying to do it fast.

I did get to animate him within Flash as well as do a few other tests as well as look at and try to take apart their animations and drawings. It was a great way to learn about where I need to improve and understand people’s work methods within the industry now, especially when they’ve all had so much experience.


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