Graduating CalArts level

A lot of us within the course that wish to go towards animation and character design know about CalArts and those who are very big fans of Disney and Pixar. For those who don’t know what CalArts is, it’s actually short for California Institute of the Arts. CalArts was set up by Walt Disney himself back in 1964 and has been one of the worlds most renound Universities to study the arts, being music, film, animation, dance and many more, ever since.
If you’d like to find out more about CalArts here’s a link to their ‘history’ page of their site.

But what I’m really looking at with CalArts is the level of the students work that graduate from their and see whether or not I can see within their work, what they pick up upon. It would be a great dream of mine to see what they learn within their 3 years of studying within the animation department as it must be filled with knowledge and skills beyond belief. But that is a dream I won’t most likely reach with the price and with me lacking in basic skills that I know I still need to improve, but hopefully I’ll be able to catch up soon enough.

Here’s an animator that I’ve talked too before who was nice enough to reply to my emails,

Chris Chau

This is just one of his animations he created whilst at CalArts, which I find lovely. The actual narrative is very touching but simple with the characters again being full of life but very simple design and line work. It comes down again to timing and the understanding of how the characters move and feel. Something to learn from indeed, but whats very interesting to take away is that with Chris’ images he sometimes re-uses the basic drawing like the body if he only needs to move the arm. Most animators do this to save drawing every line again if there’s no need, however it just seems more apparent within this short, it’s a great style and nice to be able to see that hand drawn feel.

Jennifer Hager

Is a recent find although this seems to be a very old showreel of her work within CalArts. My most favourite part of it all is actually the first short animation she had done of Stitch from Lilo & Sitich. She’s kept the qualities and personality that they had built up for Stitch within the animations. It’s a very detailed look at anticipation and timing within that one animation. The other ones show a great detail with flow and the movement of line. Using the contradicting line movements, from straight and curved lines.

It’s interesting to look at these just to see what is it that people really take away, within their work, from CalArts.


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