Comic process

Whilst being at work experience with Playdemic I had the amazing chance to simply chat with everybody and they were all happy to answer any questions I had and simply pester them.
I tried to really pick their brains, as one of them put it, and simply figure out what it was that got them to where they are now, how they work and how they create and do what they do. It was great to hear what inspired them in terms of art and animation and games as they inspire me.

Here’s just one of the many artists mentioned, but I specifically chose this one and this one because it runs through the process she under goes to create her comic books or illustrated novels.

It’s great to see and understand the actual process they go through today and how they create the work they do. I love the style and method she takes to create her work, there’s a great flow to her lines and they really pop out yet feel smooth.


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