Some history and discovery

Here’s some really interesting videos on YouTube of firstly a fan made film upon the history of Disney but based around one of Disney Interactive newer games, Epic Mickey, and the BBC program from a few years ago name ‘From Pencils to Pixels‘.

Although it is a fan made film, he has done quite well in not being too biased in the film over the history of Disney, but it’s great to see all the footage which he has found being placed together. This of course doesn’t have as much as the more recent Disney documentary film named ‘Waking Sleeping Beauty‘.

Sadly the link will not allow me to embed the video to the program From Pencils to Pixels s if you would to just click on the link above to take you to the YouTube video on that page. A pretty interesting program which does into account a large area with a little bit of the main points in history within animation. What would be great to get though was the film that we were able to see at Bradford Animation Festival at the end of last year which had an amazing in depth history of animation which took into account all the various methods and tools to create the animations.


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