sounds and music

Sadly the person who was meant to be creating and sorting out the sound within the film, specifically the music and some FX sounds, had other arrangements and we had never got round to actually creating anything for it.
Because of this I had to find or create all my own sounds and music for my short film. This isn’t one of my strongest points but it is something I really wish to improve on as it heavily influences both film and animation. I did have some help in finding some of the sounds and a great site that I used was incompetech,

This has a bunch of music and sounds that you can take away and use for any projects all for free. I believe I used only one of their sounds however in the end just because I got around to using Soundtrack Pro. I never actually had touched it before simply because I’d never seen it before and thought it was going to be much more difficult than it actually was.
There’s a large amount of sounds and songs that are free to use within the program that I got around to messing about with as well as finding some better songs to use within my short film. I had used some of the sounds and then ‘tweeked’ them slightly within the program to create some of the FX sounds such as the laser beam from the space ship. It was actually the sounds of a flamethrower and liquid. This was because of the make up of the actual ray and then what happens to Lauren once she was hit.

I did also go through a lot of the BBC sound library we have within the College that helped with a lot of the ambient sounds that filled out the film.
Here’s a screenshot of all the sounds in the film!


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