Here is one of the scenes in my short film in which Lauren falls down into a heap on the space ship floor.
I had a bit of trouble with the green screening before even after we had practiced a bit with the original footage of Ollie a while back now. Luckily Mary had told me about this really good and easy to follow tutorial on videocopilot which goes through the process as well as more advanced Visual Effects afterwards, but the beginning is the main focus for myself.

After going through this and playing with my own footage a little, it has gotten easier and I understand how to use it more. An issue I had at first was with my actual footage, in which we hadn’t set up the lights on the green screen too well and had left a great big shadow on the screen. This meant it was hard for the keylight effect to take away all the green and not hinder the footage. But without having to really perfect it or taking a long time to fix the problem, a way in which I found After Effects to work better with, it to choose the lighter or mid-tone part of the green screen if not lit properly. It would take away a majority of the green screen but still leave some, this is when you would edit the settings within Keylight little bit little as it says within the tutorial as well as doing something this is also mentioned within there. By using the mask and then editing the contrast and lightness of the dull part of the green screen, I was able to brighten up the dark part and feather it to make it flow better.

With the reflections it was actually quite simple to do. After greenscreening and having finished editing the footage of Lauren or the alien, I would then duplicate that layer. Once I have the duplicate layer below the original, I would then turn the layer 3D and rotate the X axis to invert the image and lay it out accordingly. Then it’s just a simple matter or lowing the layer opacity and adding a blur effect, I tended to use Gaussian blur.


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