I had actually forgotten to blog about the interior of the ship earlier on within the module as I had gotten more involved with the alien and animating it.
Here I have the initial sketches within my sketch book scanned in as well as 2 images from within Maya and then a more rendered view of the interior of the ship. I knew that the ship was going to be plain, simple and clean in my head, so it didn’t take much to draw it out or build. Some of the glow and texturing took a bit longer than I planned but other than that, the actual making of the ship was very simple compared to the alien. I realised whilst making the ship that it would also be easier to leave a cut out of where the windows need to be, as when it exports it alpha channels the object. This meant that it would leave that hole alpha channeled and I could simply place an image or in this case, a Photoshop drawing of stars I created, and then make it animate as well as having more control over what happens to the image.


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