From Maya to After Effects

I thought I would show a few images of some animating I had done of the turret within Maya which I then rendered out as .TIFF image sequences to be placed into Maya. Once I had the image sequence into Maya I could just place them over footage or images as they are alpha channeled when exported from Maya.
With this footage in particular there was a few complications because of the empty ship!
I had just worked around this by simply masking a solid black shape which I could then manipulate and feather to seem as though it’s dark under the ship as well as inside the ship. I could make it appear as if it was coming from within the darkness.

The reason for adding the glow within After Effects and not in Maya like I had done with the alien is because the glow map had sadly not been working properly. I had done something similar to the black bottom part of the ship and just created a red solid shape instead. I then moved it and tracked the face of the turret which makes it appear as though the actual eye is glowing.
The smoke is taken from the Action Essentials package which I had slightly changed, playing with its colour and opacity and then layered up. I also masked around the smoke because I didn’t want it to go above the black mask I had already placed down, so I masked around it and then feathered it to make sure I don’t get any hard edges appearing. Once the first layer of smoke was done I had then duplicated that one and changed its colour slighty, also changing it to a 3D layer. This meant I could more control over the movement and make it look as though it was coming out at another angle.

Once that was all done I simply pre-composed those layers to make it easier to edit them all and then place some colour tweaks as well as adding a slight dark rim to add more focus on the turret.


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