So here begins my first step within the Negotiated Studies in terms of blogging what I’ve done.
I’ve made a big step in terms of gathering what I need to really get stuck into the project as well. I just paid out and put my student money to good use by purchasing a light box with rotate disk and peg bar, 1000 sheets of 12f animation paper with the acme peg bar holes punched in and a set of 24 col-erase pencils with a few different colours just to see what sort of method of working works best for myself as well as looking at how they were originally used and gaining a better understanding of the process and method.

Everything was purchased from Chromacolour, an animation online supply store that someone had advised me to use.

The next part is working out the most appropriate method in getting the images into a computer to see how they run. With one of the rostrum costing around £1261, although I would love to really invest in this, this is an incredibly large amount of money I can’t afford to pay at the moment. So by using the ones we have within the College at first.
This way I can also test a few different methods in getting the image as tests up and looking at if they work or not. At first I plan to scan them whilst at home just to make sure I can see how well it works and flows and then later use the college facilities to take photos of the drawings.

With traditional animation it seems as though there is no ‘easy way’, there’s only one way to get a good clean image which they had perfected with a larger version of the rostrum camera set up.


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