A week at Playdemic

As someone mentioned before, I was incredibly lucky to have the pleasure of meeting and spending a week with the Playdemic team family. Although they aren’t an incredibly big or old company, they have an undeniable wealth of knowledge and skill with people coming from very different backgrounds and places but with an amazing passion and skill in their prospective areas.

Playdemic are most well-known for two of their Facebook games, Gourmet Ranch and Crossword Buddies.

I was able to sit, learn and chat with almost everybody and see what they do, looking at each ‘department’ and teams depending on what game they’re working on. I was able to see what teams work within what part of a game and how they influence the actual game, from the making to looking at how it’s doing afterwards.

It was really interesting to see the make up of a games studio in-depth as well as the process they go through to create a new game as well as adding new things to their current games. They were nice enough to let me understand each department and then go through the stages from Development, Creation & Implementation, Testing, Release and then Customer Service and checks. From the coders to the designers to the logistics crew within the company, they were able to open up and let me know in-depth knowledge about each part. As well as being a breath of fresh air, to be allowed into this and having people who are willing to help, inspire and explain things to myself, it was great to get some industry level feedback and guidance within what I have a real passion for and wish to head towards.

It was even more interesting to see how the company works and why it does so because of what sort of games they produce compared to the much larger and longer process of console games. These sort of games have a constant need and there’s always work with updates and new releases, with a console game, the issue is that once it’s released you have no influence upon it. But with these games, you get immediate feedback as well as much more control over the game.
It was amazing to see how much detail the company went into the games as well as how much they could track and check up, with almost every bit of data collected.

As well as having the opportunity to have a really in-depth look into a games company, I had been able to do some small tasks that were really fun to do and brilliant to have feedback from the people who work within Playdemic, although scary at the same time. Hopefully I will soon have something worthy of the help they have given me over the short week.

I now have a book full of advice, tips and names as well as a head full of inspiration and knowledge. They’ve really opened my eyes to the games world, although I still am just working towards doing animation and design work. Hopefully I’ll be able to implement these and get my animation and drawing skills to a much higher level. This is somewhere that I would defiantly aim towards because they don’t just do incredible work, but it seems as though it’s somewhere you’d be happy to work for.


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