Tutorials etc

A worry I had when starting this module is that I had a little to no knowledge of After Effects and some of the other software and ideas we were going to use and do within the module.
Luckily though as well as having great tutors, there’s some great help out there on the internet and library resources to help with this situation.

Each site has a wealth of knowledge and help with carious ideas and effects that you could create within After Effects and many of the software I am now able to use. Some are much more elaborate than others but its all about learning. It’s more interesting to see where these tutorials are taken though rather than simply ‘copied’. Something I try to do is to learn the technique and method from these tutorials but then try to experiment with them, see if I can take them further or at least make them my own.

Video Copilot


Creative Cow

Digital Tutors

Stash Online

What’s also great though, is that not only can you find help online with the doing part of a project, but the way in which you can find work, what you need to get into that specific part of the industry and all sorts of information and talks on the people you admire and work within the industry.


The Art of VFX



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