Sound within Final Cut Pro

Some quick notes I took on how to set up sound within Final Cut Pro. Annabeth had gone through the correct way in which we should layout the sound within Final Cut Pro, so that we can edit, arrange and work with it more efficiently and with better practice.

I never realised what the real use of layers were within Final Cut Pro until Annabeth had gone through them in this way. The idea is that the sound is broken up into four layers within Final Cut.
The first layer from the top is the main guide sound which is the recorded ‘room’ sounds, although you may feel as though there’s no sound when recording there is always room sounds and static that you wouldn’t usually think about or pick up until editing.
The second layer is built up of the special FX sounds, foley or spot FX. These sounds are any extra sounds you may add to emphasize a moment or a special effect.
The third layer is made up of background sounds or atmospheric sounds. These are sounds that go on in the background, an example could be car sounds, traffic, birds or any other general background noise.
The fourth layer is made up of the music within the short film, this layer is pretty self explanatory.


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