Rigging and thinking about animating

Before I had gone into rigging and animating my alien I took a little bit more time in the construction of it. I went through the process of creating a rough skeleton for it as well as looking at possible movements. To look at its movement I looked back into some of the books I had mentioned before, such as Michael D Mattesi’s ‘Force – Animal Drawing‘ and Nancy Beiman’s ‘Animated Performance‘.
This is how I created the sketches above which summed up the movement as well as rigging that I would have to create to really start and bring my little alien to life.

Here’s some screenshots of the rigging process I had begun from the initial sketches.
The aliens geometry, just looking at its mesh form with no rigging or eye balls for that matter.

Moving onto adding the skeleton rig and connecting the eye balls to the main head joint to keep the eyes moving with its head. Something I realised on a later date after Mat had a look at my actual alien and rig was the rigging of the eyes. I should ideally have created another joint, from the main part of the head to the two eyes balls. This wasn’t such a big deal for where I am at the moment, but for a fully animated character there’s still areas in terms of rigging I really need to learn.

Here’s the mesh with the skeleton, curves and controllers for each section.

Finally a screenshot of the alien without any textures but with all the rigging and controls in place, ready to animate.


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