There has been a big gap with blogging for my Digital Film Production & Visual Effects module due to a few personal reasons and then working on other projects. So it’s now back onto the module with all these ‘draft’ posts that have been piling up ready to be posted!

To start them off again, I’ve been looking at various companies and keeping up with Stash as usual when I can, and Mothership had come up awhile ago but I never really found the right place to look into them.
With the mood and style I’m going for within my short film, the work that Mothership had produced on the Stash DVD where a perfect fit. The humour, style and appeal of the characters and animation are the sort of wild, fun and appealing look I am aiming for.

I’ll be trying to look more into them again because the work on their website is really interesting and exciting as well.

Here’s a link for you all to enjoy.


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