How to train your dragon

Although a lot of people don’t seem to enjoy ‘How to train your dragon’ that much, I thought it was a great animation and I’m growing to love it even more every time I see it.

For those of you who haven’t seen the animated movie then here’s the trailer.

The main focus upon the film within this module is looking at the animation for ‘Toothless’. It’s really interesting to see the way in which the animators have taken the features of Toothless and really exaggerated them and placed in small details to emit its emotions.
I’ve recently been watching a lot of videos and the film again on Toothless trying to take apart some of the animation qualities to really understand why and what the animators have done at certain points within the film. By looking at these more professional and quality animations I can try to break down and analyse a characters movements to understand the process and what works best within an animation.

Here’s a link to a fan made montage of Toothless on YouTube to look at and try to understand the character, it’s on-screen presence, weight and movement.

Here’s an interesting talk with some of the animators of Toothless. It’s always really exciting and interesting to see and hear what the actual animators have to say upon the work they had put into the animations. It’s crazy to also hear how many actual controls there were on some of the dragons! 4000?! I would love to get my hands on something so well rigged though, it’d be interesting to see what you could with a fully rigged character, but as Mike says “you don’t need to do it on every shot… be able to distinguish what shot it is and what controls you need to do it.

This is all help for developing and improving my own animation skills but really thinking about how to animate and move my own little alien, but not with that many controls.


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