Glow textures within Maya

I’ve been refining my alien recently to the point where he’s almost ready for the limelight!

Here’s some images of the process I had gone through to get a glow effect on my alien which I had gone through a little bit before with Lauren and Andy. Luckily I was also able to get a better idea of it from Andy’s blog which helped me a lot.

The images above show the Attribute editor where all the options for the textures are. I had first placed down the texture and added the UV map file which I had edited within Photoshop. I then added my bump map which was just a black and white version of my texture map. Once that was all down and I had changed the bump to fit the alien, and then placed on the glow as a special effect which I then imported the glow map. This is similar to the bump map but it works on the idea that, the brighter/whiter the tone on the map, the more it glows and vise versa.

Underneath those screenshots are some rendered images from three different animations I’ve made so far for the alien within the short film.


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