Filming final shot at home!

Not too long ago, on my return back from travels, I had been able to film my final shot which was actually done within my own home!

Underneath is a quick scan of the release form I had asked my neighbour to sign because I had used his son in the film for my final shot. A weird question, but when I had gone over to ask him I had taken my storyboard and some drawings of the alien, scene and spaceship which I was able to show him and his son. It did help having a nice neighbour that knew what course I was doing, he agreed and we were able to shoot with help from Lauren, Ben and Mary.

I had set up the Kino light within my room and then used the 😄 camera to film the footage with the tripod and sound boom to capture the background sound as well as Lauren shouting for ‘mum’ at the end.


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