Bringing the alien to life

I’ve began to start to animate my alien for the various scenes that will be involved within the short film. Non of the animations are really complete yet but they all have the basic animations down and each one of these YouTube clips are simple playblasts of where each one of the animations are currently with some earlier videos of the really basic animation layouts.

Sadly the quality aren’t too great from YouTube and seeing as they are playblasts, but you get the general idea. Some of the animations are also going to be a little longer but I am only working within a shorter time frame to get the animations right first, they can be extended later.

I hope you enjoy them and please get back to me on what you think even though they are fairly short. Any form of feedback is always good with these things, especially if they don’t even look right or appropriate for the viewers.

Walk Animation Test

Happy Animation Test

Angry Animation Test

Eat Animation Test

Munch Animation Test


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