Disney Interactive Studios Internship Application

There’s nothing I can hide within this post as a lot of people know how much time and effort I put into this application. There are areas in which I had hoped to do more in, as well as a Maya model of one of the main protagonists, within the creative brief but sadly I didn’t have the time. It’s surprising how much I learnt and have taken away from just doing the application, such as layout, organisation and going through all the various techniques and briefs we’ve done through the course so far. Hopefully I’ll be getting the chance to really learn something from all of this though, from Disney Interactive Studios down in London.

I’ve also been a bit nosey and had a look at some of the applicants through Facebook and there’s some incredible work out there from people on exciting courses as well so the competition will be intense. But I may even be so ‘mad’ as to see if I can look at more of their work and maybe even look at collaborating with people in the future. It may be an odd, side idea at the moment but it may turn out for the best, it’s something I’ll look into later on.

As well as having to complete a creative brief for the application, they had asked for an application form to be filled out with a CV and portfolio. With the way in which I’ve been working recently, I had wanted to really get into the development process and within this I usually get quite ‘in depth’ and detailed about ideas, sketches and development. This is something that’s really been etched into me from doing this course; the process, audience and application are key.

So here’s my creative brief and portfolio for the world to see. I have placed subtle copyright text over the pages just to be placed upon the blog but hopefully that won’t hinder the ‘experience’ much! The images have also been placed in as a smaller file size due to the restrictions of sending the amount of information via email.

They are both .pdf files and all the links should work, here’s the creative brief.


And here is my portfolio.


Let me know what you think about them or if you’d like to see my portfolio without the text.

If you’d also like too, you can always check out the DIS Facebook page about the applications, especially if your only in your first year of doing something like my course!



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