Original Disney’s Bambi artwork

This was an incredible find,

“Bambi” 1942

“At the time of production, Bambi had the most complex and realistic character designs of anything ever produced at the Disney studio. Walt brought actual animals into the studio for the animators to study, and lots of time was spent making sure the animals moved in a realistic and believable way. It shows.”

No one can deny the beauty that is Bambi and to see some of the original sketches that were developed for Bambi is a true gold mine. I believe that seeing these drawings and original sketches can’t ever lose that original pencil flow and depth of line for a character. Whenever a line is gone over and traced no matter how hard you try, the image looses that original line for the character and sometimes can hinder the actual feel of the character.
Seeing these really bring Bambi back out and see those beautiful developing lines and see how the original artists saw Bambi. How did they make the body feel so heavy and give her weight? How did they make her look appealing? How did they make us care?

As well as finding Bambi’s original sketches it seems one guy has been able to find many more original animation tests and sketches for many of my favourite animations. I agree completely with most of the points he places on his tumblr and will be interested in what he finds next.



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