Michael – Long Live Play – PS3 Advert

Here’s a great, now fairly old, example of some lovely VFX work within an advert for me.
This short advert is made by The Mill and created for PS3’s ‘Long Live Play’ campaign they had going not so long ago.
It’s got a great ensemble cast of characters from various games within the gaming world which are all put together within this one advert to appreciate ‘Michael’ the gamer that brought them through their toughest times ans showed them the light, us, the gamers.

It’s pretty genius in terms of context and great for the gamer geeks out there because of how many people want to spot and know each character, it not only helps sell the console/games but gets people to send it around and talk about it. The Mill really thought about the audience that it was aiming this advert too by grabbing the gamers already out there to talk and pass it around and get excited about the characters.
As well as showing the console it really shows the games too, it’s just great fun and a great take on the games appreciating the gamers as well as just being really great to watch.

Here’s a look back by IGN at what games are actually placed into the advert and what things link to where.

Underneath is the link to The Mills website page about the advert and a little bit of insight and description of it.



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