Homunculus – by Hydra & Humble


This was true genius I found on one of the brilliant ‘Stash’ Dvds that I’ve recently been taking out at college.
I’m not sure whether I’ve talked about Stash before but it’s like an annual magazine but for animations, VFX and motion graphics for design and advertising on Dvds.
It’s a great thing and so happy that the college is willing to pay for these annual Dvds, there’s so many that I’ve not actually been able to get through that many of them but this one was in issue 65. They’re always so inspiring and wonderfully creative, you can find anything on these that will just spur you on or give you that idea that’s been rolling around in your mind. It’s a great place to start looking at companies and more information too. I am pretty happy in saying that I’ve found some great animation companies from here and some that I’ve already met/spoken too have been featured within the online based animation magazine.
If you can’t get the Dvd here’s the second best to that…
It’s all on the net. Good work Stash!
It has a great behind the scenes look at the making of the animation as well on the Dvd. The small booklet that you get inside the Dvd has some brilliant sketches inside that just show how mad these characters are and already give you an impression of their movements. This was something I tried to capture with my alien within this module.
The way in which they move and how wild they are, are a great example of something I aim to get with my alien.
I’m going to use this more as a reference as somewhere I could go with how wild and mad the alien will look when it starts to eat Lauren and such.


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