E-mailing VFX companies

Recently I’ve been going on another emailing spree and looked up a bunch of VFX companies within the UK to email.
Of course I didn’t just email every single company I came across but I decided to try to email ones that I genuinely was incredibly interested in. It was really strange though seeing how some companies have worked on the same films but obviously different parts within the film. The fact that large feature films still branch out to companies within the UK for VFX is great to see.
It’s incredible to see the amount of work that these companies produce to such a high level with the animations, models and compositing.

I asked them similar questions though, about the industry, what they use, how long and how many people do they usually get on one project, any tips or advice in getting into the industry and how they see the current state of the creative industry within the UK.

Here’s a short list of the main companies I got around to email with hopeful replies,


To be perfectly honest I don’t see a more personal reply or at least very soon from either Double Negative or The Mill as they seem extremely busy and high demand but I could be completely wrong and I hope I am.


There’s some short but really interesting breakdowns within the website for The Mill too.





On The Moving Picture Company’s website they have great VFX break downs of some of the work they’ve done, from advertising too much larger projects like feature films. They’ve also already replied to my email with this response,
“Thank you for your email and interest in MPC. Unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to respond to individual requests for information. The best thing to do is check out publications such as Televisual, Skillset or UK Screen for further industry focused information in addition to our website.”
Which was nice of them to reply so speedy, I’ll be deffinatly looking more up on those sites although I know how useful Skillset already is for information on the industry with me having looked at it in both Creative Practice and the last module, Game Art, Design & Animation.


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