Edinburgh, studios and delightful-ness

I had the incredible pleasure of meeting and checking out the Studios of two amazing animation companies up in Glasgow last week.
It was truly worth every penny going up there and seeing what I have and getting to chat with people in such an environment.
It’s hard to really describe the sort of experience and advice I got from that one trip, its been so helpful it’s mind-blowing for someone like myself even though others may not understand why it was so important for me.

It was amazing to meet some of the people who made up the two brilliant companies Once Were Farmers and Axis animation.
I was able to ask them both tons of questions on just how they work, how they prefer to work, dealing with clients, software they use, how they feel about the industry, the sort of hours and effort they need to put in, what they look for, good ways to get out there, so on and so forth.
I was lucky to chat with one of the guys that set up Once Were Farmers, Will, and meet everyone within it. Even though they’re a smaller animation company they have so much enthusiasm and real joy for what they do, giving it everything they have.

For Axis I was lucky again to meet and get shown around by their Production Manager, Jill, she was able to answer all my questions and go through the entire process from client to the making and distribution of the work they do. I got to see their entire offices and studio where I was introduced to pretty much every single person within Axis that was there, they were all really nice and understanding talking to me for a little while even though they had lots of work on and deadlines within this week and days so it wasnt fair to take them away from that.
Surprisingly I have also have spoken with one of their partner companies without even noticing, Headless Studios, actually work with Axis’ sister company Flaunt which is amazing as well as really interesting to see.

Over all I was given tons of advice and just had a great chat with everyone and it really did open my eyes and set where I was and where I am. I’m pretty lucky overall though just to get up and see both the companies as they were both incredibly busy and as most companies are, they just get over run with people emailing them. A definite personal enlightening, inspiring and exciting moment for myself and hopefully going to places like those will be a daily habit for me as a real animator/creative.


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