Other Designs

Here’s a little bit of drawings I’ve done for individuals on the course in order to help out them with their design process. Each needed their own specifications which we had discussed and then I went away and did some quick designs.

With Jade’s she was just really asking for feedback with colours and such for the aliens gun which she had already modelled. So rather than trying to explain and visualise the different colours I thought might look good I created this small colour board for her using some screenshots she had taken of the gun.

For Ross he had yet to really finalise the design of the ship or have any really drawing down, so after talking it through with him we came up with a rough design and then I went away and just drew up a quick turn around of the ship he had in mind. Hopefully when he gets around to modelling it, it won’t look so ‘cartoony’ or bubbly as it does at the moment. It will hopefully fit his alien and scene better.

These are some start-up designs for Michael that I did for him. All I really knew that he wanted was a sombrero shaped space ship and so I went from there and just tried out more obvious designs mixed with some other objects related to a sombrero and so on. I’m still not really sure where he wants to go with this but hopefully he’ll figure it out and let me know soon enough.


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