Alien development and maya model

I never actually got these up about the other week when I had done all of this but here it is!
These are images of some of the further development that went into the design of the alien with drawings and tests to help me see if this is the appropriate design as well as helping me animate and model the character on a later date, which I am getting through now.
I’m starting to really develop the model more and getting it rigged so I can try animate it much more fluidly than I have done before. This means I’ve been looking into blend shapes within Maya as well as more ways in looking into how I can make my alien to have more ‘weight’ within the final footage.

After the crit I also decided to change my alien slightly with the texture being a little bit more developed. Rather than just having neon style strips on the alien, they’ll glow and lights will run down it more light the deep-sea fish that Lauren mentioned that I had touched upon before.
Here’s a good video of the sort of ‘running lights’ that Lauren had found and passed onto me on Youtube from one of the BBC programs.
If you look about 1:16 into the video,

For this I’m going to have to look at moving textures and use an alpha channel on top of the moving light emitting texture.


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