Industry Battles

I wasn’t quite sure whether or not to put this with the Creative Practice Module or place it towards this one, but I decided that the best option would be to keep it with this module as I want to focus more on animation within that module.
These articles look at the current state of the VFX industry within the UK and delve deeper into how the government is trying to face a problem of a lowering number of people with VFX knowledge and skills.

With the obvious issue of the recession there’s been a real shadow cast over the creative industry and places in general, it’s a tough time for all but with people being pushed into different areas it seems there’s a less of a chance of getting anywhere within the creative industry (as it appears for us in our positions at the moment). So people have been opting to take a safer route in career choices, with this there’s been a less of ‘a pool’ of people to choose from for VFX companies and this is mainly looking at the UK. It also seems that there isn’t enough focus within the Country to ‘sell’ the idea that there’s actually a career and government help.

These are the websites looking at the current state in which some of the VFX companies out there in the UK are doing and thinking as well as one of the government plans to try to help this side of the creative industry.


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