VFX and sound needs

I added just a few more points to the new storyboard where I could look at what VFX or editing I needed within the shots.
They’re still very general and a little messy but this is the layout that I am looking for at the moment with what I have but again they may change and develop as I progress further into it.

So the blue writing is just about what VFX I need to add or what I’ll be doing within that shot in technical terms. I have circled any software yellow just so that I can think about what would be best to process the assets to get the effect I want.
I’ve also added a little bit more detail for the sound using the red markings. The lines that run across the top of the images are just stagnant or more bass line sounds that will run across that scene. The circles are where I need to develop a sound and I’ve also circled where I need either more of an impact with the sound or need to focus on a musical score for that moment.


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