Freddie and Ray guns

So I’ve been able to check out what Freddie’s been able to help me out with as I know that I am not fully confident with my skills in building in Maya as of yet. I was able to get some quick designs out of the under turret or ray gun which drops out from the ship in order to capture, destroy or just do crazy things with for my alien space ship.
From these very basic designs and having a few minutes chat with Freddie he’s come up with a model for me for the turret with some of his own input into the actual make up of it. For me this really took it to the next level, it’s going to be great with the amount of detail looking at it close up as I’ve planned in the short.

Here’s the just a simple view of the turret from the front right and then the UV map which Freddie’s also been able to do for me which will make it much easier later on to texture.

Here’s some quick notes and things that need to be either looked at or slightly changed. We discussed what’s going on with this part and I mentioned that I was changing the circle at the front to more of an oval to separate it a bit from the more common and similar things. We also talked about more different and what could be better ways for it to be connected or move around a bit more, although I do really like his input for the wire like objects connecting them together almost like tentacles.
What it does king of remind me of at the moment is the flying robots in The Matrix but I’m gonna try make them more space age styled.


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