VFX, Cats and transmedia

Here’s a wild video that Jake came across recently and sent us all via our course group on Facebook where we regularly discuss, get advice or opinions on different matters and share general delightful things.
This one made me burst into laughter though with its full out madness and playful manner that really takes apart what we all expect or think about when we now see all these crazy VFX or Sci Fi filled shorts and films. This sort of feeling with the madness and full on sort of story that hits you at every moment, is the momentum and feeling I want later on through the short I am currently creating.
The most interesting thing about this video though is the expansion that seems to be going in the world of VFX, Digital Film and similar creative areas. The fact that technology has evolved and become much more readily accessible and become more user-friendly, has opened up and allowed several new artists, filmmakers, animators and such to really come out and show what amazing natural talent they have. These all link back to one of my first blog posts which consisted of new and upcoming YouTube short film stars.
This one however although not some sort of incredibly done VFX short with hundreds of hours spent on every last detail, has the same charm and humour from the timing, editing, narrative and speech.

When I mention transmedia also it seems that in the last module I had become more aware of the merge between animation and games in which assets that are produced for games or animation can be used in the other area which can be redistributed to sell within that different area. With film it seems evident that this could also happen both ways, when large companies produce a heavily budgeted VFX film I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible to re-use assets to then be used in a game, animation or other form of entertainment. It may be done slightly differently and not be so simple, but something along those lines. This is defiantly an area I must look into more and see how far these areas mix into each other.

And speaking of those upcoming film makers here’s an amazingly well done VFX and CG filled short called Archetype by Aaron Sims. It’s not just interesting and well put together but the visual aspects blow my mind for something with such a low-budget and pretty much made up of a small dedicated team within their own time it seems.
I’ve been really trying to pull these sorts of short films and even larger films to try to get my head around how they were put together, how many layers were involved and what software that is available to me is easily used to create the same or similar effect.


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