The art of the title

This is a great site that seems to be growing in popularity with Dan showing me it first a few days ago. Especially within this specific module where we are able to create our own title sequence, although they will be nowhere near as well-developed or produced as these ones that are shown on the site.
It contains an incredible list of title sequences from several films and animations throughout the world with a bit more in-depth look behind the creation of them all. There’s some amazing title sequences that aren’t well enough credited for what they are which is a shame and I only wish that I had the right amount of time and skill to pull off something like that. It seems like a whole mini project within itself.

It made me think a lot about the title sequence though and it can really set the standard and feel for a film. So it just means I really need to keep thinking about the opening title sequence as I was pretty set out with the end credits from once I had the final shot laid out. But with the title sequence I was tempted to look into something Matt, Dave and Fee had looked into (three first years) last year which was the text using an application capturing light in long exposure.
Here’s Matt’s YouTube video of their actual development and tests with this,

It just seems as though this could be taken to another level some or explored further as they said.
But it seemed like it could work at first but then it just seems like it wouldn’t fit that well. I’ll just keep testing ideas and looking out for things until then.


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