Movement, flow, animation style.

A great image here I found recently taken of some sketches done up of Tom and Jerry to show the ‘line of action’ that runs through a character whilst it moves within animation.
You never really notice these things when your just watching an animation but you later notice it more and more once you know about it. It’s a similar point to one that I looked at in a very early blog post in which the composition of a character and the flow within that pose would affect the image.
This is just something I really wanted to keep in my when I animate and really exaggerate the characters movements and expressions as my actual alien character doesn’t have many features to really display so I wanted to animate it all very delicately. After all, they do say its harder to animate a simple ball than a fully developed character.

By todays standards most people must have heard of or at least seen without realizing a channel frederator production, but the thing I never did was look for their website. This is something that Jeff passed onto me and the website for Channel Frederator and one of its animations ‘Cartoon Hangover’. Now these have work that I can really spin-off of, the websites are inspiring and are full of different things to get me going as well as a great style but simplicity. Something to look more further into…

Mel Roach –

I found Mel Roach’s work within the Channel Frederator blog and was drawn in not just by her witty and lovely character drawings but also her manic but humourous animation style. Her animation style is something I’m going to test out and look much more into simply because I want that wild and very individual sort of mad style for this alien, as it moves into the world of the child’s imagination I want it to just really trail off the tracks!

Something I spoke about awhile back was the animations of the light rays from the under side of the space canon, from looking at the Digital Corridor short with the dubstep sound wave battle this is the sort of alien ray I was looking for but the reference they worked off of which I had also had in mind was the style which is portrayed in Gundam the anime series. So here’s some actual footage of the lasers they looked at as well as the sort of style I’m looking for, the issue with these though is that they appear to have too much power within the shots so I may have too just look into creating something that appears less powerful.
They main ‘ray’ styles that I’m speaking about appear about 40 seconds and 2.48 seconds in which a bit more of a battle scene going on within the later 2.50 of the footage taken from the anime with english dub.


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